Sunday, June 30, 2013

That's what Chloe said- June

The scene: Toward the end of a two hour drive returning from camping.
Chloe: Daddy, can I hold the van?
Me: What do you mean, Chloe? Can you show me how you hold the van?
She demonstrates by holding her arms out.
Dave: oh, you mean "drive the van." Tell you what. You can drive the van in 13 years.
Dave and I chuckle at his joke but Chloe heard what she wanted to hear.
Chloe: Solana! Daddy said I can drive to go shopping!

Chloe takes great offense when Solana or I sing. We were singing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.
Chloe: Mommy - don't sing! That's not how you make me happy. That's how you make me mean and grumpy!

That's what Solana said – June

Solana and I just returned from a quick jog with the dogs. I asked Dave to feed the dogs as I headed to the shower. "I'll feed them," Solana quickly offered." I continued to the shower. Dave came in a minute later laughing because Solana said s moment later, "I regret that coming out of my mouth."