Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chloe is 4 Years Old!

Our big girl woke up to her much anticipated number 4 pancake. Look how big that thing is! But in true big-girl style she ate every bite. One of the things I love about Chloe at this age is her genuine appreciation and excitement for everything around her. She gasps and exclaims when something is new and wonderful to enjoy and I pretty much melt every time she does so. I was a puddle all birthday weekend. Chloe enjoyed everything as much as any parent could possibly hope and I'll cherish these memories forever.
I wish everyone could have seen her opening their presents. It's fun to see a little kid get excited over the gift you sent them and she would not have disappointed anyone. You'd think she received a real rainbow in every package.
Chloe got this car from her Grammy and Grampy. She LOVES IT!!!

She had her first school-friend birthday party on Saturday. Dave rented a bouncy house and four little classmates came over for an hour and a half. They had a fantastic time playing between the bouncy house, the playground, and Chloe's new car.
The girls played hard in the bouncy house. They even ripped down all my streamer decorations from around the yard and decorated inside the bouncy house. Solana headed up the mission and wanted to make sure it was a surprise for Chloe so they worked fast and furiously while Chloe went for a joy ride in her car. When she came back to the bouncy house they all yelled, "Surprise!"
The girls enjoyed some snacks and a much needed hydration break. It wasn't tremendously hot but warm enough for a break in the shade.
Chloe's just chillin' with her friends. Check me out with my hands on my hips. I think I'm a big fan of the free-style birthday party. (Quite the contrast from Solana's unicorn-pegasus party!) Just let the kids play I say! I didn't even bake the cake, if you can believe that. We got an ice cream cake!!!
Chloe's riding with her friend, Lydia. 

Chloe Bea - 4 years old!!!
(This little blouse used to be mine. :-)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chloe's First Day of School 2013!! Pre-K (2nd Year)

After a very long one-week wait Chloe finally had her first day of school! She was very excited to finally join Solana outside waiting for the bus. This was Solana's second week and also picture day. She was practicing her picture smile. I have no idea why they're both holding their arms out like that but they both look to me like they're about to lift-off and fly away Superman style. I love these girls so much! This picture makes me want to squeeze them!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Solana's First Day of School 2013

Solana's first day. Chloe's practice first day.

Solana picked out her outfit the night before - she's actually wearing a precious mandarin colored blouse underneath but I forgot to have her open her jacket. She rolled out of bed within 15 seconds of me opening her curtains. She then finished her morning checklist, ate waffles (sourdough - yum!), drank her milk, and was ready to go 10 minutes before the bus. I expect all mornings will go this smoothly (optimism at it's most best). She wore flip-flops with her skirt. It was pretty cool for August. Low 60's in the morning and we'll only get up to mid-70's today but you absolutely positively must wear flip flops in August!

Third grade will be a great year!

Dork of the Year

The first day of school for Centerville is today! The Summer flew by but the girls are anxious to get to school and I'm anxious to get back onto a routine. It's difficult to get workouts in with the girls home so I'm squeezing into my clothes, the house is also in disarray, and paperwork is piled up to my eyebrows on the computer desk. The mornings before school want to be chaotic so I was a bit nervous about this morning. But somehow we made it outside in plenty of time without any frazzled nerves. I was feeling mighty proud. Solana happily skipped onto her bus and I waited with Chloe for her bus to arrive.

But a strange thing happened. Her bus drove by in the wrong direction and on the other side of the street. It usually stops at our driveway. Then, even stranger, it kept on driving right past us. It was a bit chilly out this morning and Chloe got cold after we had been outside for fifteen minutes so I was holding her. I waved frantically while precariously holding my almost 4 year-old with one arm. The bus stopped a few houses down and I started walking toward it with Chloe in my arms. The Aid popped out and speed-walks over to us, "There's no Pre-School. It doesn't start until the 21st. The bus driver is calling to check but that's what we read on our bulletin board today."

Super Duh. I felt so stupid. "Are you kidding me? I don't know how I missed that! Thanks for stopping and telling me!"

Actually, I know exactly how I missed that. I didn't pay close enough attention to the letter from school that came a couple of weeks ago. I was so preoccupied worrying that Chloe got into the correct school this year that I completely overlooked the line stating the first day of school for Pre-School! It's a whole week later! Poor Chloe was all ready to go to school but she's sitting next to me now happily playing in her doll house so I think she'll be ok. We'll probably stop by the school today so she can visit her classroom.

I'm sure I have bills to pick up, anyway. I'm the PTO Treasurer this year - part of the reason I have a huge pile of paperwork waiting for me at home. But I'll talk about that in another post. It's a story.