Monday, April 30, 2012

Solana's Unicorn Pegasus Party

Solana's Unicorn Pegasus party was a big hit! She had a great time and I think all her friends enjoyed themselves, as well. She already said that she wants another unicorn pegasus party next year but I'm not sure I have another one in me! :-)

Here are some pictures from before the party:

Solana specifically requested a unicorn pegasus cake. She wanted it to be in the shape of a unicorn pegasus but we couldn't bring ourselves to spend $80 on a cake. I had another plan, anyway.She was really disappointed when she saw the cake on the table (before the topper) but I promised her that she'd like it and to be patient. She was thrilled with the toppers.
 Little sister Chloe was so patient as we spent all morning preparing for the party.
 These are the streamers Solana helped me hang on Friday after school. We were pretty proud of ourselves.
 These are the ones I hung while she was at school on Friday. Some of them are left over from Dave's 40th party in March (yet to be posted). Solana requested we reuse them and I was happy to do so. My poor aching hands are still yelling at me after all that cutting.
 Pin the horn on the pegasus is ready for some action. I'm so glad my husband has some art skills.
 The craft/cake table is set and ready for the girls to arrive.
 As the girls arrived we immediately set them to work on the unicorn pegasus craft. I made a stencil and cut out the bodies, legs, and wings from poster board. Again with the aching hands. I filled muffin papers with Elmer's glue and others with glitter. The girls used painting sponges to paint their pieces with glue and then sprinkled (some dredged) on the glitter. After 30 minutes Dave sprayed them all with sealant. And right before it was time to go Kristine and I put them together with brads.

All the pieces are moving. This is the original post with stencil for the horses. Dave added the wing and horn for me. And this is where I found the idea. Can you see the huge woodpecker on the tree in the background?

 Chloe appeared at one point with icing on her fingers. I didn't notice until after I took the picture and wondered what was on  her finger. I immediately ran to see the damage on the cake. None to be seen. Whew!
 This picture is so funny. We were waiting for one girl to return from a potty break so I could give them instructions on the scavenger hunt. I didn't know Dave was taking pictures. Silly girls!
At least I can get Solana's attention...
 I made up clues for the scavenger hunt and Dave made these horns to hide the clues in. These were the clues:
A pegasus flies above your head.
She flies to her high bed. Go there (Solana's bunk bed)

What does a unicorn eat? 

If prepared with magic you don’t need a real kitchen to make her a treat! (The play kitchen)

Pegasus flies high.
If you play on this your toes might touch the sky! (The swing set)

Oh no! The unicorns are eating the spinach and carrots we planted!
Hurry! Catch them and maybe our wishes will be granted! (The vegetable garden)

That silly pegasus is bouncing up and down. 
Go to him. There’s only one more clue to be found! (The mini trampoline)

Go to Solana’s room! (Their treat bags were scattered around the floor in her room)

 We didn't actually get any pictures of them doing the scavenger hunt because they were completely insane. If screaming and running means they had fun then I guess they did but they were like little maniacs. I was completely beside myself.

Pinata time! Only two girls got to hit the pinata before it fell. Sort of a fail but at least we got a cute picture. :-)

They finished the scavenger hunt and pinata so quickly that we had tons of extra time. They hung out on the playground for a while as Dave and I set up for cake. (Dave just cleaned and stained it so I had to get a picture.) Thank goodness for our friends, Heidi and Kristine who decided to stick around for the party. They were life savers!

Top: Hannah, Abbi, Kate, Solana, Sophia
Bottom: Ari, Sarah, Maria, Anna, Kylie
 Chloe spent a lot of the party in Krisine's arms. It was her nap time but there was no way she was going down for a nap. Thank you for watching her Kristine!
 Spontaneous game of tug-o-war. Everyone against Solana's Daddy!!!
 The rainbow cake was a HUGE hit! This was definitely my favorite party of the party. I explained to the girls that, while shopping for unicorn pegasus things, I met a lady who said she could do some magic. She gave me magic sprinkles and some magic words for Solana's cake. We had to say the words while Solana sprinkled the magic sprinkles over the cake and something would happen. "Unicorn Pegasus help our wish take flight. Make Solana's birthday cake a special rainbow sight." We were disappointed at first when nothing happened but then we cut into the cake! The girls' screams were EXACTLY what I was hoping for. Here's the video. It's long - 6 minutes. But the ending is worth it.

Magic sprinkles

It turned out just the way I hoped and was really delicious, too! Here's the recipe for the cake. I just doubled my own cream cheese icing recipe, though, because her icing seemed way too complicated.
Ice cream? But of course! Look at those tired eyes. She went on to play a vigorous game of toss the balloons into the air purifier wind with Ari. She passed out as soon as everyone left.

Time to open presents. After the first present we were fighting off girls from practically crawling onto Solana's lap. It's so funny how kids do that!

All in all it was a big success! Happy birthday Solana! We love you!


A Goldsworthy Note said...

What a great post!!! I wish I could have made a trip up there to celebrate with y'all. I love how animated and excited Solana always is. Such a joy! You really did do an amazing job with that party. I hope I get creative before Grant is old enough to remember his partys. hahaha. I have so much to comment on about your post I'll need to call you. Thanks for posting so soon!!!

Holbergs said...

Great pics and documentation! The party definitely looked like a success! I was happy to Chloe in the outfit I gave her for Christmas, too! It finally fits her! Ha!

I'm sure this party is one Solana will NEVER forget!!!

Angela said...

Love all your creativity!!!!!!! I especially like all the details- unicorn horn suckers, horn clues, the gold sprinkles, and the glittery craft! The cake magic was seriously the coolest idea ever!!!! I can totally see you when you realized that it was frosting on Chloe!!! Lol! Great job!!! Now, hopefully you can relax!!

Grammy said...

Cynthia,you are so amazing!Looks like your hard work at party planning paid off!The rainbow cake looked spectacular,and Solana looked like she was having the time of her life.What wonderful memories you've created!
BTW,I love Chloe's hair in these pictures! Love you!