Thursday, April 26, 2012

Night-Time Panties

I bet you saw this picture and thought this was going to be a potty training post about Chloe. Nope. I tricked you. This is a funny little post about Solana and her "night-time" panties. Here's the background story. I bought these 3T panties when Solana turned two and we were about to start potty training. I wanted them big so she could pull them up and down easily. Then we used them for a while when she was still having accidents. Solana did a pretty good job potty training and we really didn't need them at all after a couple of months. We switched to regular panties and put her in these for bed. She stayed dry through the night ever since she was little so we didn't really need Pull-ups. The night-time panties didn't really do much good when she had the occasional accident because they're just thick panties. Nothing especially absorbant or leak-proof by any means. Still, the night-time panties stayed....and stayed...and stayed. Fast forward 5 years. Solana is still wearing the same 3T night-time panties. Seriously. And literally. These are the very panties that I purchased at BabiesRUs when she turned 2! She hasn't had an accident in years and there's absolutely no reason for her to be wearing them except for the fact that she likes them. I've suggested to her over the past couple of years that she can just wear regular panties to bed but no. She absolutely must change her panties for bed. It's a must. And they can't be her regular daytime panties. They need to be special. I think it's like a security blanket type thing. Last year I even went as far as to shop online for training pants that would fit a 6 year-old. They make some but they're way too expensive and the concept was just ridiculous. Fortunately, these still fit. Of course, they fit more like bikini panties now than the huge granny fit that they used to but they're not tight so we just let it go on. I finally went shopping last week and bought some "boy short" style panties to offer her. I was worried she wouldn't accept them as proper night-time panties but she likes them. They came in vivid colors and look pretty comfortable. Dave and I think Solana just might keep her tradition of night-time panties for the rest of her life. It'll just be one of those things. And these faded thick training panties are where it all started. Funny girl.


A Goldsworthy Note said...

Hahaha. I remember last summer when I was watching the girls she mentioned those panties and i was pretty confused. Remind me to tell you a story about them.

The Hillbergs said...

You should make them into a memory quilt for her :)

Holbergs said...

I remember those! This post is hilarious- and sure to be one she won't be showing boyfriends when she's older- Ha!