Thursday, April 26, 2012


My girls love to read and that makes me so happy. As a parent I'm constantly worrying about the influence I have on the girls. If I tell her to brush her hair does that send her the wrong message about the importance of appearance or am I teaching her to take pride in herself? If I make her finish her vegetables am I teaching her that healthy eating is important or am I removing an opportunity for her to make a right choice. It's not easy knowing the right thing to do. But when I see how much they love reading I know we've done something right. Yay!

Solana was reading and Chloe decided to join her. She brought a book and her pink blankie and climbed up on the couch with her sister. Love this.

What?!? The TV is on and Solana's back is turned? Is it a full moon or something?

This picture also makes me giddy because this marks the week when Chloe began drinking on her own. I think it was a combination of something Dave did, the cups with straws vs. sippy cups, and Chloe wanting to be like Solana. But a lightbulb went on somewhere and Chloe randomly began drinking. Now we don't have to worry about her hydration all the time. Yay!


Grammy said...

Sure do love my granddaughters!

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Those are great pictures and you're a great mother! You've always been so hard on yourself, and while I now understand why as a mother myself you are amazing!