Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Glasses for Solana

Solana has an astigmatism. Hmm. I wonder where she got that from...

A few weeks ago Dave noticed that she couldn't see some things at a distance that he could see. Dave has exceptionally good vision so I joked that "not everyone has your super vision." But I went ahead and added her on to Chloe's upcoming appointment with Dr. Bloom. The nurse did a quick vision test and said that she's near-sighted. Then they dilated her eyes. Dr. Bloom took a look and immediately said, "Oh yeah. She has an astigmatism." RX: Glasses for school, reading, and computer work. She doesn't need to wear them all the time but she can wear them as much as she wants.

Solana was thrilled to pick out her new frames. She must have tried on 20 pair. I preferred one pair in particular and really wanted them for her but they're a lot like mine. I bit my tongue because I knew she's be unhappy with her glasses if I chose them. She asked my opinion, though and we narrowed it down to four. Then asked the two ladies and one guy working there for their opinion. Everyone agreed on the top two pair and then Solana took them to the mirror to make the final decision. She picked the ones I wanted! Yes!

As I was getting the order placed Solana asked if she could pick a case. She helped herself to all the cabinets stuffed with cases and came up with a heart-shaped case that would fit her glasses. Who knew picking a case would be as (if not more) exciting as picking frames?

We came home for a quick lunch and then I took her to school. She got to wear her sunglasses to school. A very exciting day, indeed. Poor baby.


Anonymous said...

I love her frames! So cute! She looks so much like you.

A Goldsworthy Note said...

OMG she looks so much like you! Why am I not surprised she's sporting purple glasses :0) I can picture her excitement picking out the case. Give Solana a big hug and kiss from me!!!