Friday, April 27, 2012

Solana is 7!

Our big girl turned 7 today! Solana is such a sweetheart. She enjoyed her birthday fully and was excited for every special moment. She told me multiple times that this was a great birthday and she loved it. She started off with her special birthday pancake.
Our neighbor, Donna, made the girls princess crowns. They're really amazing. It's a double layer of thick felt sewn together and all those little beads and flowers are individually stitched on. They're even adjustable with velcro in the back to make sure they fit perfectly. Chloe got one, too. They wore them all day yesterday and Solana plans on wearing hers for her birthday party.

Then Solana took brownie cupcakes with cream cheese icing to school. There are 21 kids in her class and I made 30 cupcakes. I anticipated having a bunch of cupcakes left over but Solana kept thinking of teachers and teacher helpers that needed a cupcake so they all went with her. That's Solana. Ever generous and thoughtful. I was also grateful not to be left alone with a huge pile of brownie cupcakes.

After Solana got home from school she helped me with some decorations for her party on Sunday. She's been counting down the days until her birthday and party since February. It's been slightly annoying but also very cute. I'm glad she's so excited. She's also been anxious to decorate for her party and was thrilled to help put up streamers. That was even listed that as one of the best parts of her day. :-)

She chose the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but she kept calling it the Cake Factory. I suspect we didn't go there for the food. Dave, Ann, and Little Dave met us there, along with Dave and Dorothy Goe. (4 Dave's and 5 girls at the table! Haha!)

We learned that Dorothy likes to shop. She went on a huge shopping spree for the girls and spoiled them rotten with gifts. Chloe skipped her nap and her fuse was non-existent. Her new dolly was a lifesaver! Dave and Ann gave her a gift card to ToysRUs. I wonder if she'll become as good a shopper as Dorothy...

I'm so glad Solana had a good birthday. She's wonderful and we love her so.


A Goldsworthy Note said...

I loved talking to Solana last night. Her excitement is wonderful and hope it always stays. She's such a sweetheart! BTW, is that her "Sunshine" necklace in the picture?

Grammy said...

I wish that I could have been there.She sounded super excited yesterday.Thanks for being such a great,descriptive writer and the many pictures that you post!It makes me feel a part of what's going on. Love you all!