Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Solana's First Day of School 2013

Solana's first day. Chloe's practice first day.

Solana picked out her outfit the night before - she's actually wearing a precious mandarin colored blouse underneath but I forgot to have her open her jacket. She rolled out of bed within 15 seconds of me opening her curtains. She then finished her morning checklist, ate waffles (sourdough - yum!), drank her milk, and was ready to go 10 minutes before the bus. I expect all mornings will go this smoothly (optimism at it's most best). She wore flip-flops with her skirt. It was pretty cool for August. Low 60's in the morning and we'll only get up to mid-70's today but you absolutely positively must wear flip flops in August!

Third grade will be a great year!

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Holbergs said...

I think it's hilarious that Chloe looks so excited in this pic!

I miss my girls!!!!!!