Saturday, August 24, 2013

Chloe is 4 Years Old!

Our big girl woke up to her much anticipated number 4 pancake. Look how big that thing is! But in true big-girl style she ate every bite. One of the things I love about Chloe at this age is her genuine appreciation and excitement for everything around her. She gasps and exclaims when something is new and wonderful to enjoy and I pretty much melt every time she does so. I was a puddle all birthday weekend. Chloe enjoyed everything as much as any parent could possibly hope and I'll cherish these memories forever.
I wish everyone could have seen her opening their presents. It's fun to see a little kid get excited over the gift you sent them and she would not have disappointed anyone. You'd think she received a real rainbow in every package.
Chloe got this car from her Grammy and Grampy. She LOVES IT!!!

She had her first school-friend birthday party on Saturday. Dave rented a bouncy house and four little classmates came over for an hour and a half. They had a fantastic time playing between the bouncy house, the playground, and Chloe's new car.
The girls played hard in the bouncy house. They even ripped down all my streamer decorations from around the yard and decorated inside the bouncy house. Solana headed up the mission and wanted to make sure it was a surprise for Chloe so they worked fast and furiously while Chloe went for a joy ride in her car. When she came back to the bouncy house they all yelled, "Surprise!"
The girls enjoyed some snacks and a much needed hydration break. It wasn't tremendously hot but warm enough for a break in the shade.
Chloe's just chillin' with her friends. Check me out with my hands on my hips. I think I'm a big fan of the free-style birthday party. (Quite the contrast from Solana's unicorn-pegasus party!) Just let the kids play I say! I didn't even bake the cake, if you can believe that. We got an ice cream cake!!!
Chloe's riding with her friend, Lydia. 

Chloe Bea - 4 years old!!!
(This little blouse used to be mine. :-)


Grammy said...

Thank you for posting Chloe's birthday pics. I 'm still smiling from them.She looks like she had a wonderful time. I truly wish that I could have been there. Love and hugs to all.

Melissa said...

Awww. I was away the week of Chloe's bday and missed this. Happy belated. Wishing Chloe many, many years of growing big in happiness and good health. Kisses.