Friday, January 25, 2013

Eye Update and Second Opinion

We've had two appointments since my last eye update.

1. Visit to Chloe's Ophthomologist. Her pressures were fine. She did much better with the pressure test, too. I was incredibly impressed because I don't think there are many kids who would easily let a tech pry their eye open and touch their eyeball with a metal instrument. I informed her doctor that I'd made an appointment with a glaucoma specialist in Cincinnati. This was contrary to our previous agreement where he had suggested his friend/colleague in Columbus. He expressed great pleasure in my choice of doctors and said he likes this doctor a lot. Then he prescribed Chloe's patching be increased to 4 hours a day. I was less than thrilled with his new order but we definitely don't want Chloe's right eye to take over nor do we want her left eye to 'give up.' Chloe now wears her patch at school twice a week. I was apprehensive about that at first but, being the trooper she is, she's handling it well. Chloe never takes her patch off. That wasn't a concern. I was mainly worried about her ability to navigate and participate. I know it's more difficult for her but she never complains. Every once in a while she suggests that I cover the eye instead. She knows she can see better with her right eye. Little stinker. I feel badly when she tells me that she doesn't like her patch but I just tell her that's it's important to wear her patch so her eyes can get stronger. She accepts that and dutifully wears it four hours a day.

2. Visit to the Cincinnati Eye Institute. The facility is beautiful. The doctor was wonderful. Chloe had an eye exam like a big kid and looked through the instruments. She had to stand on the chair in order to rest her chin and forehead and look through the big instrument that we all look through at our eye exams but I sat behind her and held her by the waist. She took her dilating drops like a pro - impressing everyone as usual. The doctor was satisfied with Chloe's pressures but did note a slight elevation in her left eye. That was to be expected. She was also happy with Chloe's current coarse of treatment. Her only suggestion was to make sure the pediatrician and pulmonologist are aware that she's on Cosopt because it's a beta blocker and could have a negative affect on her is she still has pulmonary issues like asthma. She also suggested we try different drops. Cosopt has two meds in it and we might consider a drop that has only one medicine. Maybe we could try it for a week before her next examination under anesthesia? Then we can check to see if it's good enough to keep her pressures down. If we can get away with medicating her less that would be good.

That was it. I'm glad to have gotten a second opinion and this new doctor said to feel free and contact her if we have any questions in the future. We won't be following up with her. I only wanted a second opinion. Her current Optho treats for everything that the Cincinnati doctor could treat but it's awfully nice to have the peace of mind that we did it. And also to have made a connection if we ever want to seek out advice again.

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A Goldsworthy Note said...

I know we already spoke about this, but it is always nice hearing the docs agree. I'm not surprised Chloe impressed everyone at her appt, what's new :0). BTW, I recall a story you left out. Hahaha.