Sunday, March 10, 2013

First Tooth Cleaning

Notice I titled this post "First Tooth Cleaning" and not "First Visit to the Dentist." This is actually Chloe's fourth visit to the dentist but the first time the dentist was able to get in there to clean her teeth. Her insane phobia of things that make noise kicks in as soon as they turn on their little cleaning contraptions. She's completely terrorized.

This time I asked the hygienist to clean Chloe's teeth the old fashioned way. She suggested her little hand held contraption that's much more quiet. She turned it on from across the room and Chloe ran behind my leg. She doesn't behave that way for most things. Chloe, like Solana, talks to adults easily and happy makes friends with other children. Most of the time she's pretty fearless. So much so, in fact, that Dave and I sometimes wish that the one with limited vision was just a tad more tentative. But certain things that make sounds completely freak her out. Not all things, mind you. Vacuum cleaner is ok. Little battery operated piano is ok. But battery operated guitar no way. Singing Elmo forget it. Electric toothbrush uh uh. The hygienist tried to get Chloe to hold it and touch it to her own teeth. She was very gentle and spent a long time with us. I was grateful. In the end she brushed Chloe's teeth with a toothbrush.

Then the dentist came in and used his tiny little hook-shaped scraper for a long time to scrape the "sugar bugs" off Chloe's teeth. She did a great job and opened her mouth wide for a LONG time. The hygienist offered to babysit for us and spoiled Chloe with 4 toys from the toy box. She's one charming kid - even when she's being a tough case at the dentist's office.

Chloe is practicing saying "Ahhh" before the dentist arrives.

"Good job, Chloe! You're a good opener," says the dentist.


The Hillbergs said...

I'm telling you -- we live parallel lives! I just opened blogger to do a post on Shannon's first dentist!

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