Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Muscle Surgery

Over the winter break I started noticing Chloe close her left eye whenever she read books or looked at pictures. My parents happened to be visiting at the time and they noticed, as well. Chloe's vision changes with the wether (literally) so I watched for a few days but after a week became nervous. I moved up her appointment with Dr. Bloom and he decided it's time for another muscle surgery. The problem was that her left eye was turning in again and this made it difficult for her to use both eyes together. The thought is that adjusting the muscle so that both eyes can point straight and she can more easily use them together. This is her second muscle surgery. She had good results after the first one so we're hopeful.

This was right after she fought tooth and nail against Dr. Bloom marking her left eye with his marker. She can be such a little turd.

 Chloe was so funny after they gave her the first sedative. She was acting so silly, drooling, giggling, and unable to sit up. I couldn't help but giggling at her.

There's something so sweet and innocent about sleeping children. Add an IV and hospital gown to the mix and your heart just melts.

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The Hillbergs said...

sleeping children are so mommies can see that they really are little angels -- vs. the times when they are throwing tempertantrums on the floor and causing hearing loss!