Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eye Visits Times Two

I noticed Chloe's right eye turning in Thursday afternoon. Her RIGHT eye. That's her good eye. This bothered me but I decided to wait until Friday before freaking out. Maybe she's just tired.... Friday morning her right eye was still crossed to I made an appointment for Monday.

I took her in yesterday and the doctor was happy I brought her in. We have overpatched. He was surprised and happy that Chloe functions just as well with the patch as without. This either means she's getting really good at functioning blind or her vision is getting better in her left eye. This is unusual but, like he said before, most parents aren't able to patch as well as me. We're to stop patching and not worry. Her eye will go back. He wants me to watch her crossing and head turning until the surgery and report to him.

I went home satisfied. Happy.

Then I got a call from the technician. "Dr. Bloom has been thinking about Chloe some more and wants you to bring her back tomorrow. Do you have dilating drops at home? No? Ok. I'll call in a prescription to your pharmacy. One drop before bed and one drop in the morning before you come in. He was thinking about her laser surgery (she had ROP surgery in both eyes when she was still in the NICU) and decided to get a good look at her retina."

Now I'm nervous. This is her GOOD eye!!! I'm glad he kept thinking about her and wants to get a good look. I wish there wasn't any reason to do that. I hope we get good news today. I'm scared we may not...


Grammy said...

Mija,I'm praying that all is well. Graham and I said a prayer for Chloe this morning while I was taking him to the sitter.Love,prayers and positive thoughts coming your way.
Love you.

The Hillbergs said...

Well, I think its great that you have yet another item to put on your resume: execelent eye patcher!

But, is it good or bad that the doctor had his tech call back? Good because that means he's a really good doctor who doesn't just forget his patients the minute they walk out of the office. But bad because no doctor calls you back for a 2nd visit when everyone knows how overbooked doctors are anyway. So, I'm praying that you all have a fantastic doctor who is just making sure he doesn't miss something. That is probably exactly what is going on - you are very lucky to have a great eye doctor like that!! If you are looking for a part time job, you should talk to him about becoming an 'eye-patching-consultant' -- you could hold seminars and hands-on classes for parents who need extra patching help!

Anonymous said...

What a good doc! Thinking of you. Hoping for good news only!