Monday, March 12, 2012

2nd Lost Tooth

I didn't intend to post about another lost tooth but this is too good of a story. Solana will get a kick out of this one in the future...

With the first tooth out of the way we started focusing on Solana's second loose tooth. That one also had a new one growing in behind it. Solana worked on it a bit but then lost interest. I asked her about it on Sunday and she showed me that it was really quite loose. Dave said that he could tie a string to it and do the doorknob trick. When I was a kid, my Mom told us that Papo (my grandpa) pulled out Aunt Linda's tooth that way. The doorknob story was one of those that grownups told just to scare us kids. They'd threaten us with it every once in a while but we never believed them. She also told us that they used to iron their hair straight with the iron - like, as in, the one you iron your clothes with. I wasn't sure I believed either story. That's why, when Dave mentioned it, I expected Solana to balk at the idea.

She didn't. She was all for it. And dear ol' Daddy was ready to go for it. Mommy, on the other hand, quickly dissolved into a wobbly kneed panic attack mess. The conversation happened over lunch and I tried to hold it together and act apathetic as they left me with Chloe at the table. "Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Do what you want." I failed miserably. Solana was excited. Dave was pulling string out of the "drawer" and I sat there staring with wide eyes and unintentionally making hateful faces at Dave. "Nothing's wrong. I'm fine. Carry on."
They went to the back room and I tried to follow them but my feet were glued to the kitchen floor and Dave shut the door. I guess he didn't want my nervous energy seeping into the room. I took a picture from the kitchen because that's the best I could manage at the moment.
Besides, Chloe was still in her high chair. I took her down and paced a few times in the living room and actually cried. I could just imagine the sound of a door slamming and Solana screaming. I remembered my 7 year-old self wiggling my teeth for my Mom and freaking her out. It was hilarious. So if I could remember that why am I so creeped out when Solana does the same? And why am I having a panic attack now? I couldn't answer my own question. I left Chloe playing with blocks and went to brush my hair but my nerve endings were all on high alert. Every tangle felt like a cactus was attacking my head.

Finally, I couldn't stand it any longer. They were taking way too long. I went to the office and opened the door and blurted, "Oh my God!" when I opened the door.
They had already tried once but the string slipped right off because Solana was sitting and the angle was wrong. They were about to try again but she was hesitant. After about a minute she decided against it. I literally breathed a huge sigh of relief (hoping Dave wouldn't hear) and ushered her away from the door of doom.

Later that evening I was brushing her hair before bed and mentioned that she should work on her tooth a bit. This is what she did while I brushed her hair.
The tooth fairy brought her $5 for tooth number one but only $1 for tooth number two. What a disappointment. After all that work? Where is that tooth fairy? I need to have words with her.


A Goldsworthy Note said...

OMG I was laughiing throughout your entire story. You're hilarious. Good job to Solana for putting you through that. Hahaha. Love the photos. She looks so excited for the adventure in the first shot where Dave is getting the string in place around her tooth. Then when you see her tooth tied to the door you think it can't get any better until you see her bloody tissue. Solana cracks me up she is just like little Cynthia . I remember you picking on me in corpus when my tooth was loose. You kept telling if I didn't pull it out mommy and daddy were going to tie it to the door. I first heard that story from you when we were at"the bump". This story was payback for me :0)

The Hillbergs said...

I feel the EXACT same way about loose teeth! In fact, we just discovered tonight that Jack has 2 loose teeth. I overheard Chad 'counseling' Jack on the fact that the teeth will get looser and looser, but eventually he'll have to take pliers(?!!!??) and pull it out. I about threw up just thinking of it. Jack, naturally, was all for it (anything for some toothfairy money). eeewww. Then I read this update and I felt weak at the knees. How many teeth do we have? ugh, I have to multiply that by 3 kids...that's a lot of teeth - and a lot of moolah.