Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chloe's New IFSP

We've been working toward Chloe's transition from Early Intervention to Pre-School for a while now. I'm not quite sure why I haven't blogged about it very much at all but suspect it may have something to do with the fact that I'm in total denial.  The first step was to update Chloe's IFSP (Individualized Family Service Plan). We actually did this at the beginning of April.

 Here are the results:

Cognitive/Problem Solving = Within Range
Chloe dramatizes using a doll, engages in simple make-believe activities and talks intelligently to herself while playing. She matches identical pictures and primary colors. She uses size words to describe objects. Chloe identifies objects by their use. Practice identifying the larger or smaller of two objects as well as body parts by their funtions. Have Chloe sort objects. 

Physical/Gross Motor = Caution
Chloe walks independently on a variety of surfaces. Her gait pattern is maturing as arms are down, feet are closer together and she is using a heel-toe pattern. She is demonstrating less extension and toe walking overall. She can push, pull, carry, and pick up a toy while walking. She can throw and kick a ball. Running skills are developing. Chloe can walk up and down a short set of steps holding the handrail. She is beginning to step onto and off of a single step without holding on. She climbs well. She jumps on a small trampoline and attempts to jump on the floor. Continue to provide opportunities for typical toddler motor play:  ball play, riding toys, swing, slide, climb and run. 

Fine Motor = Caution
Chloe is able to put oversized buttons into a vertical slot which requires advanced prehension and wrist movements. She can engage resistive knob pegs into a rubber pegboard but seems to develop some eye fatigue after about 5 placements.  Chloe needs about 50% physical assistance to get  1 1/2" plastic  loops onto a slightly oversized pipe cleaner as her bilateral hand skills are just beginning to develop.  She needed verbal cues for hand positioning and repositioning.  Bristle blocks were used to challenge the strength component of her hand function and she needed some assistance at times
Next Steps: Continue to offer activities to develop fine motor skills but include a strengthening and bilateral component  such as stringing or oversized beads and stacking of bristle blocks. 

Communication = Within Range
Chloe is using 2-3 word phrases frequently now.  She has started to use ‘ing’ ending appropriately.  Communication is a strength for Chloe.  Chloe follows simple directions and makes choices consistently.  Next steps: Continue to expand Chloe’s vocabulary and length of phrases through books and modeling. 

Personal/Social = Within Range
Chloe feels strongly possessive of loved ones. Chloe shows independence and sometimes insists on doing things independently. Chloe takes pride in her clothing. She dramatizes with a doll, shows shyness with strangers and obeys and respects simple rules. Begin to show Chloe how to cooperate in circle games (ring around the rosie). 

Adaptive/Self Help

Chloe has progressed with her feeding skills.  However, she continues to have some difficulty biting food and tends to stuff large pieces into her mouth.   She also has difficulty clearing any food that is stuck on the roof of her mouth and is unable to spit. Next Steps: Mom will continue to work with Chloe on biting of foods laterally not frontally.  She will work on her tongue movements, in particular touching the roof of her mouth and making sounds such as la-la-la-la.     

It was pretty exciting to see so many "within range" areas. This is a huge leap even from her last IFSP six months ago. Her Physical and Speech Therapists are totally comfortable being taken off her plan. We went ahead and left them on just in case we wanted them for anything but they're not really working with her any more. There's not much time, anyway, since Chloe turns 3 in August and no longer qualifies for Early Intervention services. The first step toward Pre-School. It seems strange.

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