Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day of First Grade

Solana will be home in about 30 minutes from her last day as a first grader! Here are her first/last day pictures for comparison. She seems to be growing. I definitely felt a little tug on her buttons when I helped her with her shirt this morning. Lots of changes this year. Glasses. Short hair. 

Her pants definitely fit shorter. Maybe they just shrunk...


They had "Bubble Day" this morning. I was a sucker and volunteered. The kids loved it. The parents were exhausted! But what a fun last day of school! The kids were bubbleologists and they had bubble experiments set up in five different rooms. The parents stayed at their stations as the five first grade classes rotated from room to room so I only got a couple pictures of Solana when her class was in my room.  Here she is about to go in the giant bubble.

Doesn't that look fun? I wanted to get in and do that!
My sweet girl. 
Solana came back to see me during the last rotation. She said, "Mommy, I'm really uncomfortable." She had run right up to me and I squatted down to talk to her. All I saw was her face. Then she looked down and my eyes followed hers. She was soaked in bubble solution basically from her neck to her knees. Dilemma. I didn't bring her extra clothes and I didn't want to pull her out of school on her last day. Luckily, Dave would be heading to the school in an hour to have lunch with her so he brought her a change of clothes. She had to stay in her wet clothes for a while but I figure that's the price of bubbly fun. :-)

Her bus driver, Mrs. Tickle is great. She saw me with a camera at drop-off and had Solana sit down to pose before getting off. There were cars waiting so I didn't ask her to stand up for another picture like I wanted :-) Solana was sad when she got off because she'd never see her teachers again but Leticia was on the phone at the time and told her to write letters to them. I think she was ok with that.

 Bye Bye PVN! Hello Stingley! She starts second grade and Elementary School next year. Such a big girl!


The Hillbergs said...

wow - did i miss something? I didn't realize she cut her hair! its really cute!!

Grammy said...

Congratulations, you sweet second grader! Sounds like Solana had lots of fun on her last day of school!!

Megan B ♥ said...

Goodness me, she is even several inches taller!!! Still absolutely beyond adorable though :)