Monday, May 13, 2013


This is Purple

Things to keep in mind when talking about Purple.

  1. Purple is a proper name and must be capitalized.
  2. Purple is to be treated with respect. Do not toss her on the floor or step on her. (Which brings me to point 3.)
  3. Purple is female and female pronouns should be used when referring to her.
  4. And don't ever ever call her Blankie, Purple Blankie, or (heaven forbid) Your Blanket. I mean, seriously, how would you like it if someone called you by some other name? 
Purple first made her appearance in our lives during one of our pre-baby shopping extravaganzas at Babies R Us. We lived pretty close to one in Colorado and became quite familiar with its aisles during the 3 years we lived there. Purple came home and sat neatly folded in Solana's future crib waiting for her. Little did we know how important Purple would become. Stuffed animals have come and gone. There were the tiny square blankies with little Pooh and Tigger dolls sticking out the middle and rubber teethers on the corner. There was Puppy. And most recently, a rainbow night light. These were all night-time must-haves at one point or another. But Purple has stayed the course and is a true friend. For a long time Solana wouldn't drink her milk without "walking her fingers" along purple's edge. I wonder how many washings she'll withstand. Maybe she'll be a tiny shred of fabric that Solana carries off to college. I know I still have my Ted sitting up in the top of my closet. I guess time will tell. She looks pretty good for her age. 8 years down and a few to go... For now I thought it wise to snap a picture of her while she still resembles her original self. 


Melissa said...

Lucy has that same attachment to a lovy she got when she was born. It is similarly creatively named: Pink Baby. At one point I bought a spare Pink Baby (when she was 2) - on Ebay, she'd been discontinued. Good thing, because we left one of them in an airplane...

The Hillbergs said...

I agree with the Melissa person -- you need to find a stunt double for Purple.

Oh, by the way, I still have my favorite snuggle blanket and I still love the way it feels against my face. I'm so weird.

Holbergs said...

Ummm...Excuse me... What happened to the rainbow night-light her awesome Aunt Lala sent her?

And btw- You have Ted in your closet? Isn't he a little scary looking these days? Didn't he completely lose an eye or something? Or is it that the entire music box inside of him spins? I know it's something...