Monday, January 17, 2011

Sam and Sophie

My best friend from Colorado came to visit us! She and I carpooled together when we both worked at the University of Denver. Our girls were tiny babies (maybe 2 or 4 months old) when we met and began carpooling. We became fast friends and this turned out to be fortunate since we spent about an hour and a half together in the car every day! We moved from the Denver area two years ago and since then we've stayed in touch but I miss our daily conversations. Sam is one of those beautiful, highly intelligent, always interesting, and wonderful women that just amaze me. I love having her as a friend.

Sam and Sophie now live in Nashville which is only about 5 hours away - well worth the drive for a short weekend visit! I'm already planning our trip there in the Spring after Chloe gets off her nighttime oxygen. It was so awesome having them over. Solana and Sophie took up right where they left off and had a great time playing together! They danced, played Polly Pockets, took a bath, squealed with laughter all night. The only serious moment was when they were saving their babies' lives with popcorn (a magical cure for all that ails). They finally passed out in Solana's bunk bed (both on the top bunk, of course).
Sam and I holed up in the guest room for about two hours talking non-stop. Dave had to come in and ask us if we were ever coming out! We had a lot of catching up to do! Hehehe.
Dave and I were amazed at Bluebell's reaction to Sophie. She was obsessed with her and claimed her immediately - blocking Monty (our 6 month-old Aussie) whenever he tried to come near. She never acts like that. Maybe she remembered Sophie? I don't know but it was funny to see.

I would preface this video with a caption but it speaks for itself.

Dave was so sweet. He took the girls sledding. Sam and I were just dying to go out in the snow but SOMEONE had to stay inside and take care of Chloe...
"To rip the glasses off her face or not to rip the glasses off her face. the question."

We asked Sophie to take our picture. Didn't turn out so well...

So we asked Solana to take our picture. Umm...better?

It was a great visit! I can't wait for the next one!

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meredith said...

Glad you were able to have a friend visit! Co workers can be amazing friends ;)