Monday, December 24, 2012

Potty Training Day 2

Today wasn't a great potty training day. We spent the entire day in the kitchen/fireplace room again. It seems like Chloe spent a LOT of time just sitting on the potty and holding it. She had a couple of accidents (versus) 10 yesterday but I somehow didn't feel like she was really getting it. She didn't have many successes in the potty. She did, indeed, do poop in her pants and I'm glad I let that happen because we avoided trauma. The day ended with a one-hour potty sitting marathon. I know it was an hour because she watched two Dora's while on the potty. Then Dave suggested we give up and bring her to the living room for some family time. I called her over and she ran away from me long enough to let loose the pee she'd been holding through two Dora adventures. I was kind of ticked.

In retrospect, I think there actually was a tiny bit of progress today. It was this: she only peed a handfull of times all day. Instead of numerous tiny ones she only had a few big ones. I think this shows bladder control is a good thing. I think I've read that somewhere...right?

I love potty training!

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Holbergs said...

Ha! Trying to convince yourself!!!