Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Potty Training Day 3

Potty Training at Christmas
This was a common sight in our house today.

We saw great strides today! I was worried in the morning. Chloe wouldn't pee when she got up. Dave wanted to put her in a diaper for presents but I'm stubborn. No diapers during the day. Period. No exceptions. Any time she pees her pants and it's "ok" because of a diaper is a setback and I'm working too hard for setbacks. I brought fresh panties and pajamas into the fireplace room and expected an accident at some point during gifts . And I got it! I was ready, though, and we cleaned up and changed in no time.

After a wonderful morning of opening presents and breakfast I took the girls for a bath. Chloe played in the bathroom on and off the potty for a good half hour before she peed and was allowed into the tub. As exhausted as I was of staring at her little bootie I was excited at what I thought to be a turning point. As Chloe sat on the potty playing with  her little toys she sort of went into a trance and said, "I'm making peepee" under her breath. I screeched with joy and sort of snapped her awake. She jumped up and looked in the potty and cheered!

 I was excited because this was the first time Chloe seemed aware of the action of peeing on the potty during the action!

The rest of the day was accident free except for one half-accident. She ran to the potty and actually finished in the potty! We even went for a 40 minute family walk accident free. Finally, her 30 minute sitting stretches decreased to a couple of minutes by her final visit to the bathroom before bed!

I'm very excited! I'm not sure where we'll go from here but major strides...major strides!!! We might even be able to spend more time in the carpeted areas of our house tomorrow.


Megan B ♥ said...


And a cute Christmas bum ;)

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Yea!!!! How exciting!!!

The Hillbergs said...

Hahaha - I agree with megan b -- a christmas miracle!

catchupdaphne.com said...

Yay - and good for you for sticking with it. Changing the rules confuses the h out of them.

Holbergs said...

Great story!! And I must say that little picture of her tiny little booty helped make my Christmas day even better!

Angela Maggard said...

Lol!!!! Love the picture!!! I'm so excited for you!!!! :). I know you've been so nervous about it!!!