Monday, December 31, 2012

That's What Chloe Said - December

CUBUZ= Because
Chloe very recently started asking "Why" and answering "Because." The why got a little annoying really quickly. Here's an example of a recent Chloe conversation:
-Chloe, go to the bathroom so we can brush your teeth.
-Because we need to brush your teeth.
-So your teeth can be clean.
-So they don't get cavaties and so your breath smells pretty.
-Chloe - just get over here you little turkey!
CUBUZ, on the other hand, never gets old. She actually said "because" once last night and I was a little sad.

Chloe's new skill of using the potty has provided her a new and powerful bedtime stalling tool. Quarter 'till 10pm we hear Chloe calling from her room, "Daddy! I want to go peepee on the potty!" As if we can turn down that request. Then she asked for a potty treat! Ha!

In the van on the way home Chloe burps.
Solana says, "excuse you."
Chloe says, "you're excused."