Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hide And Seek

Chloe is awful at hide-and-go-seek. At first I thought, this isn't really fair. She just ran past me three times and couldn't see me but I would clear my throat and make some other small sound and she'd find me right away. She couldn't care less. She loves the game. We must have played for 45 minutes straight and she screeched with delight every time we found each other. Here are some examples of her hiding spots.

Behind the couch. She hid here about 6 times in a row and I kept trying to hint that she should hide elsewhere. "Is Chloe behind the couch AGAIN? She ALWAYS hides behind the couch," I would say as I "searched" for her. Every time I found her, though, the game quickly morphed into a mashup with tag as she crawled back and forth trying to get away from me. Finally, I banned behind the couch as a hiding spot to see if she could be creative.

She didn't care. She found new and "improved" couch-related hiding spots.

So then I banned the couch all together. She didn't care. She had the bestest spot of all in mind. Not only was she laying on her bed pretending to sleep but she was making snoring sounds to really throw me off her scent. LOL!
Priceless moment of the game: walking into my bedroom and seeing the curtains billowing and two tiny feet sticking out the bottom. Something about that sight just melted my heart. 


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Grammy said...

I love this little girl,too. You are such a fun playmate/ mommy.Love,love...