Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Preparation

Dave and Solana have visited the local chocolate shop together the past couple of years to "secretly" buy me chocolates for Valentine's Day. This year Chloe joined in on the annual tradition and they all took off last night after dinner to sample and buy me some yummy Valentine's Day treats. Somehow, their big secret mission is never secret but I feign ignorance and we're all happy. Chloe burst the bubble on our pretend secret last night, though, when she rushed into the house and announced, "Mommy! We bought you some CHOCOLATES!" It was just about the cutest blown pretend surprise ever. I'll still act surprised tomorrow and Valentine's Day will survive. 

It's funny how we all pretend it's a secret but all know very well that it isn't. Why do we do this? And how is it still fun year after year? I have no idea. But the chocolates are yummy so I'm playing along!


Anonymous said...

Forget it, the surprise is ruined...I'm just going to eat all of them instead of crying...


Grammy said...

This is so so sweet! Enjoy those special chocolates and have a wonderful Valentines day! Love you all.