Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! We had something awful happen at 11pm the night before Valentine's Day. It involved a skunk, Monty, and our entryway. But I'll detail that great adventure in another post. For this post I'll focus on Valentine's Day.

I love Valentine's Day. Probably more so because I have two girls and they are just adorable dressed up. Their outfits this year are sort of a mashup of everything pink, red, and hearts that we could find and I love it! They were pretty excited, too!

We started breakfast with some cottage cheese pancakes with strawberry dipping sauce. As cute as the pancakes look on the plate...they were raw in the middle. I first tried cottage cheese pancakes from my friend, Megan's, blog almost 3 years ago. (Could it really be that long ago?!? Wow!) I loved them and then found another cottage cheese pancake recipe in my Cook This Not That Book. Of course, the cookbook is more easily accessible to the kitchen so I keep making that one. I don't know why I do because this is the third time they came out raw in the middle. But the idea of cottage cheese pancakes is very appealing to me. I'm struggling with fast plummeting blood sugar (brought on by my increased running) and, since these pancakes have lots more protein than your regular pancake, they help regulate my blood sugar a little better. Anyway, I just printed Megan's recipe and it's going in my book for next time!!! Maybe even tomorrow... We took a picture and then the heart-shaped pancakes went into the trash. 

Valentine's Day breakfast number 2. Greek yogurt with strawberry puree and granola sprinkled on top. So much easier...Why didn't I do that to begin with? :-P

The girls went off to school and I went out for a quick run before Chloe's class party. I was a baking fool the day before. Brownies and Valentine Puppy Chow for Solana's class. Strawberry cupcakes for Chloe's class.

 I didn't take any pictures at Chloe's party but snapped a couple at Solana's party. Here's Chloe making herself at home as we arrived. Solana's an eager hostess when Chloe visits her classroom.
 Here they are participating in the activities. Solana's working on her answer for the guessing jar and Chloe's taking over at the white board.

We had some cheese fondue and yummy chocolates for dessert. The super secret mission was a success and I was thrilled to get my box of chocolates. In fact, I think I'm already sporting my first February pimple. The girls each got their own box, as well, and we all exchanged cards. Unfortunately, the day was tainted by our odorific problem and I was pretty stressed out about it all day but I think we made the most of it.

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