Monday, April 29, 2013

Solana is 8!

,Solana turned 8 this year! Something about 8 seems so old to me. It's so much closer to 10 than 7 somehow. I don't know... But I decided that this year would be a much easier party than last year's unicorn pegasus party. We decided to have her party somewhere else so I wouldn't have quite so much planning to do. Somehow, though, her birthday turned into the never ending weekend! I think she liked it, though, or at least she better have...

The festivities started with strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing sent to her class on Friday. 

Saturday was her actual birthday. She woke up to a few presents and a number 8 pancake. It's been over a month since her birthday so I can't remember what else we did on her birthday but I do know that Dave and I stressed out all day about the weather because her little party was outdoors and there was a significant chance of rain all day long. We ate dinner at the Greene and then came home for some chocolate cake. Our cake comas are only 2/3 the way through at this point.

Finally came her party at the farm. The sky was full of clouds but we just might beat the rain. The girls ran around checking out the animals while Dave and I set up. These people definitely did not have their act together. We expected a little more hosting but we felt like we were pretty much left to our own devices. They eventually came out to help a bit. Dave and I weren't super impressed but the kids seemed to have a great time so we didn't complain.

Dave came to the rescue and fixed the little cars because they weren't attaching to the tractor correctly. They drove the kids around for a good 20 minutes while we waited for all of Solana's friends to arrive. Another lesson learned: If you can have 8 guests at a party, don't limit your invitation list to 8 kids. Duh.

Chloe, Gage, Jackson, Maria, Abby, Hannah, Solana

Solana saved her magic sprinkles from last year and decided to sprinkle the chocolate cake before we left for the party. It looks like they still work.

Solana had a great weekend and was satsfyingly excited. We're pretty lucky to have her.

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