Tuesday, April 30, 2013

That's What Chloe Said - April

Daddy - I touched my peepees.
Mommy, what am I touching Bluebell with?
-Your foot?

Mommy, what am I doing?
-Spinning in a circle?
Yes! I AM spinning in a circle!

Mommy, where is my hand?
-Inside your boot.
Yes Mommy! That's right! My hand IS inside my boot.

I could go on...

Chloe's begun a new habit of beginning statements with "here." For example, "Here, let me do it." Or, "Here, I'll get down and then I will help you." She sounds like a tiny grown up making the calls and I think it's adorable. Then I figured out why. It's a speech pattern she picked up from me!
I told Chloe that she needs to go to sleep. Rest is important because her body grows while she sleeps and that's how she'll become big and strong. After that she began to exclaim every time it was time for a nap or bedtime, "But I don't want to grow! I want to stay little!"


-Hey Chloe!
-Hey Mommy!
-What's up?
-I'm just playing in the bathtub. You can go away now. (Said in a sugar sweet voice and followed with a huge smile and batting eye lashes.)

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Holbergs said...

I LOVE these!!! I told you- way back when she was still in the hospital, that she was going to be a stinker! She's got such a strong personality, but it's that strength that got her through such a hard time.