Sunday, April 27, 2014

Date Night with Daddy!

Dave and I decided that it would be better for him and Chloe to clear out of the house for the majority of Solana's slumber party. So Chloe got a special and rare treat - a one-on-one date night with her Daddy! She was super excited and felt so special. She wore her new fancy Dora the Explorer dress and put on her fanciest date manners.
 I don't remember having date-nights with my Daddy. I don't think it was really a thing back then but I can just imagine how exciting it would have been. They went to the movies. Heaven help me but I can't remember which one. Afterwards, though, they went out for pizza.
 Chloe's "kid's" pizza was giant! She hates messy fingers and always eats her pizza with a fork.
After the date they came home and were just in time for cake and ice cream. Chloe couldn't have cared less that she missed the majority of the party. She had a wonderful night.

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