Thursday, April 17, 2014

Reading Time

Chloe has really taken to reading this year. She loves it and wants to read all the time! We've been borrowing those little Sunshine books from the library (you can see a pile of 20 or so on the bottom right of her bookshelf) and I'm amazed at how well she does. Granted, she's using context clues and the sentences are repeated but she's paying attention to the letters and…it's so much fun!

Here she is reading to Bluebell, aka. "the fluffiest foot stool ever!"

Of course, she has a fantastic role model in Solana. Solana's last report card was so funny. Her teacher commented that she's never seen a student read so much and that Solana will probably read every book in the library before the year is out! That girl LOVES to read! She used to get in trouble at school for reading when she was supposed to be doing other things but she's gotten that under control. At home she reads on the couch, on the bed, on the toilet (I'm trying to stop that because she'll sit there for 30 minutes), walking down the hall, at the table (also a no-no), at the restaurant, in the car, walking through the parking lot (well, she would if we let her), etc. etc. And she leaves books in her wake. I've started picking up books and keeping them in my room to make her earn them back. LOL! Seriously! Have you ever heard such a thing? Anyway, it's no wonder Chloe wants to read. It's probably her best bet at spending quality time with her sister!


The Hillbergs said...

Sounds a little like our world! Jack also loves reading (but sounds like Solena has him beat) -- his favorite author is Roald Dahl. Kara is also starting to read! Although I wouldn't use the term "so much fun" associated with it. She does like it but its excruciating (to me) to sit and help her. I'm not a good teacher :(

Troy and Emily Williams said...

I love this. I am a big reader, Troy has become a big reader, Michael was born a reader, and Katherine is now in the "I love to read" stage. It is so exciting that both your girls love to read and it will give them so many good life-long skills! And Chloe looks so cute with Bluebell the foot stool. :)