Sunday, April 27, 2014

Solana is 9!!! First Slumber Party!

Solana is 9 and I can hardly believe how big she is. Every once in a while I'll look back at old pictures and marvel at the change. She's incredibly intelligent, the most reading-est reader I've ever known, beautiful, sensitive but also thick-skinned. She knows how to push her limits (big time) and rebel if she choses. Solana wants to be heard and is hurt if she we aren't listening. Being her parent is wonderful, challenging, exciting, and a learning experience. She's kind to her sister. But also can push buttons along with the best of 'em. Solana is kooky and fun-loving. She makes friends everywhere she goes and people adore her almost as much as we do! We're very proud.

 The morning of her birthday she had her traditional #9 pancake. This year it was chocolate chip, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Solana style 100%.

Here she is waiting for her friends to arrive at her party.

We had the Fiesta Tropical station playing on the TV and the girls played an impromptu dance/bop the balloon contest. They were so cute and complimentary of each other's dancing skills.
Then they decorated pillow cases. From the top clockwise: Sarah, Gaby, Solana, Maria, Anna.
Dave and Chloe were out for a movie date. When they returned we sang Happy Birthday.
Cheers! They made ice cream sundae's to go along with their cupcakes! Yum!

Movie time! They watched the Tinkerbell Pirate Fairy Movie. 
Sarah and Anna spent the night and showed off their pillowcase creations. 

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