Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chloe's First Steps. Sunday, June 12th

Chloe took her first steps on Sunday. Five of them, to be precise. Her motivation. Daddy. And it was so weird because she walked to him as though she was already a seasoned walker. No shaking. No wobbling. No running to beat a crash landing. Just five perfectly controlled steps. Her audience included us and our friends, the Maggards, and their two little girls. Everyone erupted in cheers and screams when she completed her walk on the moon. Chloe LOVED it. She kept trying over and over. And regardless of her sucess she expected volcanic screams after every try. And if nobody else provided them she made sure to provide them herself. It was pretty hilarious. I think she cheered herself on with screams of joy for the next ten minutes straight.

Chloe's been a walking fiend the past few weeks. All she wants to do is hold someone's hand and go go go. Completely obsessed. I'm glad we've at least graduated to the one-handed walk because I was beginning to feel (and sound) like an old lady complaining about my lower back pain. Her physical therapist came on Wednesday and didn't really have any advise. She said Chloe's progressing perfectly and right now she just needs a little time and practice. (That was really nice to hear, by the way.)

Since Sunday Chloe has taken several 2-5 step free walks in the living room and back yard. I have a feeling she may become a true "walker" just in time for our trips to Texas and Mexico in a couple of weeks. Yikes!

Check out this video. It was taken back on the 7th, when Chloe was just beginning the one-handed walk. It's a little shaky and perhaps hard to see. Solana's narration is worth it, though...definitely superior to her videography skills.


catchupdaphne said...

Squeeee! So cute. I love that little wobbly toddle. And how funny is Solana?

A Goldsworthy Note said...

That's awesome! Maybe Chloe can teach Grant. He's taken a step here and there, but with big cousin Chloe's help maybe he will master 4 or 5 steps before
leaving Houston. Oh, and Solana had me cracking up, I loved it. Those are two cuties.

Megan B ♥ said...

Ha ha ha! What a great video! And what a WALKER!!! She's a mover and a shaker! My back doesn't hurt too much, as I am so short, heh, heh!

Emily and Troy Williams said...

Too cute! Do you watch a lot of sensational news casts in your house? Solana is definitely working her on-scene correspondent skills!

And Chloe! I know she's walking on her own now, at least a couple of times, but should it have been a surprise after this video? She's a power walker!