Thursday, June 30, 2011

That's What Solana Said - June

I'm teasing Dave about something or other.
Solana: Mommy, were you just joking with Daddy?
Me: Oh yes. I was just joking.
Solana: Sometimes I just don't get your grownup jokes.

We're sitting at the breakfast table finishing up our lunch and silently staring out the window at the humming bird feeder. In an unprecidented quiet voice (she usually has only one volume), "Mommy, those who are quiet get more out of nature because then nature won't be scared of you and maybe won't even know you're there." Chloe immediately feeds Monty her cracker and the whole room erupts in silliness and laughter. So much for quiet nature time!

"Mommy! I finished [my dinner] and you didn't even have to tell me five times!!!!! Only two! Mommy, how many times did you tell me to finish?"
"Only two."
"See!!!! I told you!!! You only had to tell me two times!!!" She then proceeds to happy dance her way out of the kitchen.

I'm talking to Dave about the fact that I keep forgetting to buy ribs when I go shopping. Solana asks, "What do you want ribs for?"
"To cook them," I reply.
"PEOPLE RIBS?!?!" she asks, horrified.

Solana and I are packing for our big trip to Texas and Mexico. First, we went though all of her things and she tried on lots of tops and dresses that she hasn't worn since last summer. We needed to see if they still fit. Then we moved on to my stuff. She had the option of going to watch TV or staying to help and she was feeling pretty important so she decided to help me. I tried on a pair of skinny shorts and wasn't sure if they would fit or not. "Solana, tell me what you think about these shorts. Do they fit or do they look too tight?"
"Mommy, they look FINE. You look like a Top Model. They totally fit."
"Ooooh! In that case, I'll definitely pack them!"


catchupdaphne said...

Does Solana know that meat comes from dead animals? We realized that Lucy doesn't... My FIL was grilling the other day and Lucy said something like the chicken that we eat is different from animal chickens. Because otherwise we would have to "die a chicken" to eat it. We were both quiet. There's so little she agrees to eat, we hesitate to disclose the ugly truth...

The Hillbergs said...

Love love love those comments!!!! She's so smart!