Friday, July 8, 2011

Back From Vacation!!

The girls and I just spent two weeks away from home!!! It was wonderful but felt like an eternity! We spent a whole week with my parents, sisters, niece, and nephews in Houston. Then my parents flew with us to Cancun, where Dave met us at the airport. We spent 7 luxurious days and nights at our favorite vacation spot, Aventura Cove Palace Resort. I have tons of pictures and stories to write about our vacation but for now just wanted to say, "We're HOME!"

Solana and I celebrated by running out to the vegetable garden to see how it fared. Thanks to Dave, who set up a sprinkler and timer, we were welcomed by huge healthy plants and even some harvesting opportunities. We plucked our first sugar snap peas and only about half of them made it inside (they were sooo good we couldn't help but eating them off the vine) and a great big bowl full of lettuce. Solana will be preparing a special salad today.

Chloe celebrated by rocking giggle-fest 2011 with the dogs and then walking around the family room for about two hours straight. She refused to stop and was getting so sweaty that I had to tie her hair up to try and get it off her neck. It was so crazy! She walked a bit in Texas and Mexico but only under close supervision. She obviously felt really comfortable in her own house and just took off. It was so cool!

Today we have no plans at all. I have TONS of laundry to do and vacuuming. Hopefully, I'll have time for blogging this week because I have many memories to capture!

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