Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Eye Exam Under Anesthesia

Chloe was just taken back for another eye exam under anesthesia. This is routine. Because she's had a cataract removed she's at risk for glaucoma. The doctor will check the pressures in her eye and also take measurements and check her vision RX. I asked him to also check for cataract and look at her retina. He said he'd do that.

Chloe is still preferring to use her left (bad) eye. She'll turn her head to look at things with just that eye and this doesn't make any sense since she can't see out of that eye as well. In fact, she still does it even without correction on her left eye. Without a lens in her left eye and without correction she shouldn't be able to see much at all. We're hoping that he comes back with a good report on her right (good) eye, too. I don't want him to give us any reason (ie. new diagnosis) for her preferring her left eye.

One thing I forgot to document was Chloe's recent diagnosis of latent strabismus. I became nervous a couple of months ago after noticing her left eye preference. I stuck a patch over her left eye just to make sure her right eye was working. When I did that, I noticed her eye twitching back and forth. I'd never noticed this before and it really scared me. We went to the doctor and he said this is a result of all the patching we've been doing. We've covered that right eye up so much (while trying to strengthen her left [cataract] eye) that we created this condition. It won't go away but, fortunately, it won't get any worse. And it only appears when her left eye is covered up. This may be an issue when it comes time for Chloe to get her driver's license and they ask her to cover up one eye at a time but we'll not worry about that right now.

1. No glaucoma! Whew!
2. No cataract! Whew!
3. Retina looks fine! Whew!
4. Left eye measurement changed. She's gone from 18 to 15. This means a change in her RX for the better.
5. Right eye measurement changed dramatically. She went from a 2 to a 9! She's much more near-sighted than before! I'm a 6.75 and I pretty much can't see anything without my glasses. This explains why she's been preferring her left eye. We haven't been correcting her right eye enough. It's a good thing we checked!

Chloe will now wear contacts in both eyes. They'll be ordered today. This. ought. to. be. interesting. I've never had to manage two contacts on Chloe before. And the fact that she popped out and lost two contacts within the past week makes me slightly nervous. I'll be making a visit to the optical shop and make sure they really check the fit on those lenses.

All in all I would call this a good report. I hate to see her becoming so dramatically near-sighted so quickly and was hoping to maintain better vision in that right eye but it is correctable. Let's just hope it stays that way.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you... I started wearing contacts in college and was SO irresponsible about it. I had Lasik before I got pregnant with the twins and it was the best thing I've ever done. Totally worth the money.

The Hillbergs said...

I can not even begin to imagine the hassle of keeping contacts in a little one! They barely sit still for a hair bushing (and I routinly skip doing even that)! You should write a little children's book about this! About a baby who can't see well and how her big sister and mommy help her wear glases and contacts to see everything! I'd buy it!

Holbergs said...

I'd say this is good news, too! It's good to know there's a reason (and a correctable one, at that) that she was turning her head to look from her left eye when you came to visit. I remember it being a concern then. If ever there was a mother diligent and responsible enough to manage contacts in BOTH eyes, it's you! You can do it!!! And I love the idea the Hillbergs mentioned about you writing a book. I happen to know someone you could collaborate with for help (me)!

Grammy said...

Mija, I totally agree with Leticia. You are Amazing, and I thank God for the good report. Kiss my sweethearts for me! Love you.