Sunday, July 31, 2011

That's what Solana said - July

7/6/11 Solana is a vacation girl. She LOVES vacation - absorbs and enjoys every thrilling second of it. As we drove from the airport in Houston to my parent's house, I asked her, "Did you enjoy our vacation in Mexico?" She shocked me with her answer of, "Yes, but I miss home." Coulda' fooled me! But it was very sweet. I'm glad she likes home, too. :-)

7/7/11 Our 6th and final flight of our Summer adventure was a one hour hop from Chicago to Dayton. I didn't pull out anything from Solana's carry-on (coloring books, readers, book on CD, activity books, stuffed animals etc.) I just handed her a little box of Mexican Coco Krispies (the last vestige of naughty eating from vacation). She spent the entire flight puring bits of dry cereal into her mouth and finished right as we made our final decent into the Dayton area, at which time she declared, "Mommy! I didn't do ANYTHING the whole time and I wasn't even BORED!"
7/10/11 We're in the garden with my cousin, Tricia, her husband, Steve, and daughters, Kayla and Taylor. Solana's walking up with their son, Sean, and we hear her say, "Ask my Mommy. She knows everything." I have witnesses!

7/10/11 Solana had a hard time going to bed after our family visitors left. I went into her room at 9:40pm and she's laying in bed with the lights on. "What are you doing? Why are the lights on?" She replies, "I was just thinking about how thankful I am (this is where I expected her to say something about how much fun she had) for...all the things you and Daddy give me. My piggy bank...some of my rocking kitty..." At which point I got her blinds closed and made my way back to her door, shut off the light, and interrupted her soliloquy..."my trampoline..." "Ok. That's great. Now you can dream about how thankful you are. Good ni-ight." :-) Turkey.

7/16/11 We're shopping for clothing at Kohl's. Solana and I are entering the dressing room with an armload of clothes for her to try on when she declares, "This shirt is really hot." Confusion. Did she really just say 'hot'? I ask, "What do you mean, hot?" She just stares at me. I clarify, "Do you mean it makes you feel hot and sweaty?" "Nooo. You know Mommy. It' know...fashionable." I'm not sure where she picked up the term 'hot' for fashionable. I definitely don't use it...kinda scary! My baby is being influenced by outside sources and I don't know if I like that!

7/29/11 We're watching So You Think You Can Dance. It's Caitlyn & Ivan doing a sexy hip hop number. Solana says, "She's just pretty much hot, huh, Mommy?" "What do you mean, 'hot'?" "It means that she's doing a good job at that dance." "Oh, then in that case, yes." I feel really out of the cool kid lingo these days! And I'm starting to re-think all the summer camp sessions run by teenagers Solana's been attending. :-)

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Holbergs said...

I'm sorry, but I can't stop laughing at your "hot" comments! So funny!

Mia will say, "It's soooo hot today. And not h-o-t-t, just h-o-t." I crack up every time!