Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cyndi's Banana Bread Hefeweizen mit Schokolade

When I lived in Germany I tried a Bananaweizen and loved it. It was basically a Hefeweizen with banana syrup added when they poured it. It was so good! Perfect at the biergarten during the summertime. Dave recently asked Solana and me what kind of beer he should make next. She said he should make a banana and chocolate beer. He took that, along with my old German favorite, and came up with his own version of this beer and named it after me. I love it!

It's basically a hefeweizen and he added banana and chocolate flavoring at bottling. The flavors are subtle yet distinct. It's wonderful and refreshing - my new favorite!

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Holbergs said...

Is there a way to send me a bottle of that? You never had me taste it while we were in Germany. Holding out on me... Hmmm....