Friday, July 15, 2011

Texas! Part 1

On June 19th the girls and I flew to Texas. We were very excited to spend the upcoming week with my parents, sisters, neice, and nephews.

Here we are in the elevator at the airport. Funny story about the cowgirl hat… We bought it for Solana’s birthday because her cousin, Mia, has the exact same hat. We lugged that thing through 6 flights between Ohio, Texas, and Mexico. Sure she wore the hat through the airport and got tons of compliments on it. Everyone noticed the pink cowboy hat! But did she ever have a single occasion to wear the hat in Texas OR in Mexico? Nope. We basically brought it along so she could look cute in the airport. Lesson learned.

It had been three and a half years since we were in Texas. A lot has happened since then that prevented us from traveling so it was a pretty big deal to be back. And previous visits were fairly short since I was working. A whole week was downright luxurious!

The first thing I do after getting off the plane in Houston (and my family knows and plans for this) is hit a Whataburger drive-thru. For those of you who aren’t from Texas or haven’t lived in or visited Texas you don’t know what you’re missing. And that’s a good thing because you’d be pretty sore if you did! Three and a half years is too long to wait for a Whataburger with cheese and jalapenos! What a treat!

Check out the look on my face! It didn't last!

If you know anything about my eating habits you may be surprised to see me eating a big ‘ol burger, fries, and Dr. Pepper. While I allow a splurge here and there I’m somewhat of a food snob these days and usually turn my nose up at processed food, fast food, and especially feed lot meat. And I completely gave up soft drinks in November. Well, guess who else was surprised…MY STOMACH!! Ouchie! I suffered one of the most painful stomach aches in my life after this meal. I’m talking the kind that folds you over and doesn’t let you up for air. Yowza! But did you see me eating another Whataburger two weeks later after returning from Mexico? Umm yes. I couldn’t help it! They’re sooo good! LOL!

The other treat we enjoy when in Texas is Blue Bell Ice Cream. It's made in Brenham, Texas, and is utterly divine! Get it? Utterly? Hehe. Solana hadn’t ever had Blue Bell Ice Cream so I served her a bowl of my favorite, Cookies N Cream. She gave it a thumbs-up and was excited to eat the ice cream that (as my dad said) was named after our dog, Bluebell.

Here's Chloe checking out her new bed for the week. I love this nightgown. My Mom gave it to her at Christmastime but it was too cold. It was perfect for Houston!

We spent most of our time for the first couple of days just hanging out at my parent’s house. My sister, Leticia, lives 40 minutes away and came over with her kids, Mia, Graham, and Ross. It was fun to finally meet Ross for the first time. He’s 5 months old and such a cutie! My sister, Valerie, lives in Georgia. She and her baby, Grant, arrived the next day to join the party.

Chloe and Grant having a crawling race.

He just turned a year old on July 3rd. She'll be two next month!

The three babies. Ross is in the background so he looks kind of small. Funny thing we noticed. They're all in size 3 diapers! Guess who's a big boy!

Chloe and Grant "sharing."

Chloe and Ross "sharing."

Me with Graham. He is adorable - like a little boy version of Solana. If I ever had a little boy I would want him to be just like Graham. He followed Chloe around and demonstrated walking for her so she could learn. He'd say, "Look T-WO-EY. This is how you walk." And then he'd walk down the hall and back very serious-like. He also tried holding her hand while she walked but she wasn't interested.

Solana and Mia love to dress alike and Leticia and my mom often buy them matching outfits. My mom went one step further this visit and bought their dolls matching outfits. I'm not super keen on the whole dress like your doll phenomenon. Maybe if my mom is the one to continue buying the matching outfits...?

On about our third day in Houston we headed over to my parents' neighborhood pool. Chloe was a speed demon in the kiddie pool area! She really wanted to take off without me but I just wouldn't let her. Mean Mommy! Mean Mommy!

I made up for it. Fun Mommy. Yay!

My sweet little baby.

Solana took off to play in the area for "bigger kids" and I had my hands full with Chloe so I didn't get too many pictures of her at the pool. But she WAS there. Really.


Anonymous said...

SO glad you had such a good time. Your family is adorable. It's making me misty for my family in Brazil... don't think the trip will happen this December :-(

carol anne said...

Love all the pictures! The one with all three babies (Ross in the background) is my favorite -- I think it's the look on Chloe's face :D I will have to find the photo of Paige wearing her pink cowboy hat -- we got it for her for a "Father Daughter Dance" and she used it when she took her horse riding lessons too...

Holbergs said...

1. Thank you for leaving off the airport parking garage fiasco
2. Jeremy thinks you're a dork for the "utterly" joke.
3. Thanks for the Graham shout-out. He is such a sweet boy. (Of course, Mia and Ross are, too!)
4. I love this entry. It's nice to see "home" on the Hendrickson blog!