Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Annoying Accounting

I used to work in Accounting for the University of Denver. I was in the Controller's Office. I loved it! It's the perfect field for me. And the people were amazing so that helped, too. Today I find myself hating accounting. Here's the latest (and hopefully last) email I've sent to Chloe's oxygen company. (Note: She's been off oxygen since the very beginning of March. I've been after them to fix her account ever since then. I've made a ridiculous number of phone calls and sent more emails than I'd like. My sister and I recently spent about two hours downloading, printing, scanning, and emailing EOB's from my insurance company to them.)
I’ve attached 15 documents. The first is the Excel summary of all the Anthem EOB’s, to include Member Responsibility amounts, and Payments. The bottom of the spreadsheet summarizes how much we owed, paid, received as reimbursement (for erroneous charges), and still owe. You have all of the Anthem EOB’s to verify the data in this spreadsheet (note: the Anthem data on the spreadsheet was downloaded straight from Anthem’s website). After going through my previous emails I found one missing EOB (1/18/10 for $987) and it is included in the second attachment. My daughter was released from the NICU on 1/18/10 and discontinued oxygen use on 3/2/11 (they picked up the equipment shortly thereafter so our last invoice date is 3/8/11). Again, you should have them all.
The remainder of the attachments includes copies of my credit card statements to verify every single payment listed under the Member Payment column.
By looking at the information from the EOB’s and my credit card statements it’s very clear how I come up with my bottom line. I think I’ve done more than adequate work to help Apria fix its accounting problems. I hope you can be the one to finally fix this account. I have better things to do than work on this – like chase after my oxygen-free toddler.
Cynthia Hendrickson
Maybe now I can get to fun stuff on the computer - like my blog!


carol anne said...

Way to go!
"oxygen-free toddler"

Holbergs said...

That last sentence rocks! Take THAT, Apria!