Monday, July 25, 2011

Texas! Part 2

On our fourth day in Texas Leticia and Jeremy's three kids were baptised. It was a lovely ceremony. The kids did great.

From Left to Right: Velma and Roy Rodriguez (family friends and Godparents to the three kids), The Holbergs: Graham (3), Jeremy, Mia (6), Leticia, Ross (4 months)

My Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) and Aunts (my Mom's sisters) drove in from San Antonio for the ceremony. Solana hasn't seen any of my family in years so it was like meeting them for the first time. Someone made the mistake of telling Solana she was a good hugger. They were all recipients of rib cracking hugs from Solana after that. :) Solana is also a very savvy hugger. All my Aunts showed up with gifts for the girls. She knows who to hug up to!

I was pretty excited for Mom (aka Mamo Bea...aka Beatrice Rodriguez...aka Bea Rodriguez) to finally meet Chloe since Chloe got her middle name, Bea, from her. And if I'm not mistaken, Chloe is the only grand or great grandchild to have her name.

Aunt Hilda, My Mom, "Mom" (that's what we call her), Aunt Linda

Aunt Laura and Uncle Robert

Aunt Yoli and Aunt Linda gushing appropriately over Chloe

We also took the opportunity to all take pictures with Mom and our kids.

My mom (Lydia), Mom, my sister, Leticia, Ross, Mia, and Graham

My Mom, Mom, Me, Solana, and Chloe Bea. Interesting note: Mom is the oldest of her siblings. My mom is also the oldest. I am the oldest. Solana is the oldest. Four generations of oldest children and all girls!

My mom, Mom, my sister, Valerie, and Grant

We had a blast after the baptism at Leticia's house. They ordered Papasitos fajitas and tortillas. My mom made a pot of charro beans, Leticia made spanish rice and chips & queso. Yum! It was fun visiting with family and everyone helped keep an eye on Chloe. Everyone was just amazed at her high velocity crawling!

The rest of the week was pretty low key. We hung out at either my parent's house or Leticia's house. I ventured out for dinner with my best friend from high school and had to leave Chloe in tears. I think she was feeling pretty overwhelmed being away from home and away from Dave. She was not interested in being left by me. By the end of the week I couldn't even leave her sight without tears. We still managed to have fun sometimes, though. Here she is cracking up at JD, the dog.

Solana got to spend the night with Mia. They had a champagne bubble bath in the morning (really OJ). Leticia goes all out for parties! Here they are modeling their princess nightgowns.

Leticia and me. Love my sister!

Here's a picture of my Mom and ALL her grandkids! The first time they've all been together! Amazing!

Me, Leticia, and Valerie. Sisters :-) We took this picture right before Valerie headed back to Georgia.

Our Texas trip was great. Lots of quality family time. Unfortunately, there was also lots of trauma to Chloe's sense of security. It made me think that Dave and I wouldn't be going on too many dates in Mexico...But it was all good. Everything changed the moment we stepped out of the Cancun airport and saw our hero standing there waiting for us...


Holbergs said...

Awe! That was a great entry! Of course, I love seeing all the women in our family taking center stage! Ha!

I somehow knew Pappasito's would get a litle shout out on the blog. It deserves it, though! I'm stealing tons of pics off of this! I don't have some of them.

Btw- I love you, too!! Now I need to write one my blog, huh? I thought about that after I bugged you to update! Ooops!

carol anne said...

Being an "oldest" too, I loved that you pointed that out ~ Great pictures, great update. (I bet Chloe was a bit overwhelmed) My favorite picture was your mom with all the grand kids. Made me tear up...