Thursday, October 6, 2011


We're enjoying a wonderfully sunny and warm week in the Dayton area. After at least a couple of weeks with highs in the 60's and a good amount of rain, everyone is heading outdoors to soak up some warmth and sun. Apparently, the butterflies in our pavilion sensed the warmth, too! They surprised us when three of them emerged Tuesday.

I contacted Solana's teacher, Mrs. Eckhart, and she invited us to release them behind the school, where she keeps a butterfly garden. This is where the class releases their class butterflies. I carefully gathered the butterflies into a safe container and we headed off to school.

Solana was so excited. She showed off her butterflies to all of her friends and they gathered around talking in their excited first grade way. Mrs. Eckhart thought it best to release them after lunch, after the sun chased away the morning cold.

With all the excitement of the morning (taking Solana to school and transferring the butterflies) I totally forgot to take pictures. I took a couple on my phone in the classroom but was disappointed with the quality.

I sent the picture to Mrs Eckhart and she replied, "Thanks! I'll show it to our class right after lunch!We will release them after they see the wonderful picture...Solana is so very proud...this means a lot to her!" Almost made me cry.

The next day we had another surprise! This time we decided to release it at home. And I got a good picture. Solana was really excited because it crawled on her finger before flying off. Isn't he beautiful? Solana said it's a male because of the blue. It's crazy to think that they were once chubby green caterpillars. Amazing!


Holbergs said...

That is so super cool! She'll remember that for years to come! You're a teacher's dream mom! :o)

carol anne said...

Those creepy looking worm things came out cool -- LOL

Megan B ♥ said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! Much prettier than the ones I googled before when you posted about them!