Thursday, October 27, 2011

Music Enrichment

I've been giving Solana piano lessons ever since we got our piano. We try to have a lesson every Monday but we've missed a few Mondays here and there. I enjoy them, though. Being a former piano and flute player for many many years I love it that I can teach her a little bit about music. I have a secret hope that she'll pick up my flute one day and become a band nerd like me but have a feeling she'll probably follow her own path. Solana came home with a note from school today:

Dear Parent,

It is my pleasure as the music teacher...

I am pleased at the program opportunities that we are able to present within regular music classes. However, some children exhibit exceptional talents and I have designed a program to nurture these abilities. Your child is one of those chosen to participate in a select group of children as part of a musical enrichment group. He/she was identified based on one or more of the following criteria:

-pitch: able to match pitch quite well in a normal child range
-auditory discernment: able to hear differences in musical sounds, pitches, and
-aural language receptivity: demonstrating he/she can easily learn a song by rote
-hand/eye coordination: able to use a visual chart as a cue for playing an instrument
Only a small number of children have been selected to participate...

I also sang in the choir when I was in elementary school. We had to audition and I clearly remember standing beside my teacher and singing a few notes after she played them on the piano. Not all children who tried out made the choir. I wonder if my parents cried when they received a letter saying that I made it. I admit that I teared up as I read Solana's.

She read my enthusiasm and jumped up and down when I explained what the note meant. "Does this mean I get to go on stage?!?!?"


carol anne said...

Amazing girl!!!
So lucky to have a music program that recognizes her talent ~

The Hillbergs said...

Wow! Totally can't relate. Pretty sure my parents received a note saying that I was one of a few select children who bizarely enough had absolutly zero musical talent. In fact, I had anti-talent. If you clap to a beat, I will end up clapping in the off-beats - and thus screw up the people around me who were formerly successfully clapping on-beat. oh well, we all have our gifts... :)

Emily and Troy Williams said...

Go Solana!!

Holbergs said...

That's awesome! How did you fail to mention this to me?!!! I can't wait to watch videos of our little protege!

A Goldsworthy Note said...

No kidding, how did you not mention this on the phone! That's awesome!!! Don't rule out the idea of Solana being able to do music and other things... Keep us updated!

Megan B ♥ said...

Wow, i'm so behind!! GREAT letter! She is talented in so many wonderful ways :) Love that girl!