Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cinnamon Crescent Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing

Once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, Dave runs out for breakfast. It's fun and a treat but I'm usually cringing at the stuff he brings back. Not because of his choices - he always asks for requests - but just because it didn't come out of my kitchen. I'm sure that, whatever it is, sweet bread, breakfast sandwiches, or quiches from Panera, bagels and muffins from My Favorite Muffin, donuts from Bob's donut shop around the corner (although he hasn't done that in quite a long time) it's fully of junk. I'm usually uneasy and fidgety after we eat it. I think I've become a food control freak.

Anyway, I saw this post from healthy bread last week and tried it. Sort of. I didn't have Rosemary so I just used garlic powder. The crescent rolls were really yummy and actually super easy to make. Solana even rolled a few herself. Then, last night, I was flipping through my HBI5 book and found the recipe for Cinnamon Crescent Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing. Yum! What a great way for us to have our weekend treat but with whole grains and me being in control of the sugar and fat. Yay!

There are a few enriched doughs in the book that have sugar and oil in the dough. Challah, Brioche, etc. The Crescent recipe says you can use those doughs or the Master Recipe. I think the Master Recipe is a little healthier and more versatile. So I mixed up a batch last night.

The rolls were a hit! I'm not sure if Dave feels like he's missing out on our usual splurge but I feel like we had our morning sugary treat without going over board. And that makes me happy.

The first few I iced looked like this.

The last one looked like this:
I have a ton of the icing leftover. They say it works great on their carrot bread. I guess I have no choice. Carrot bread here I come!

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A Goldsworthy Note said...

Yummy!!!! Eventually I think I'll give it a try. So sorry you have to make carrot bread. Hahaha.