Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aloo Gobi - A Vegetable Miracle

Chloe still eats almost all her fruits and vegetables in puree form. There are very few exceptions:

Raisins, prunes, small apple cubes (she'll only eat a few at a sitting), sweet potato fries, ummmmm.....I think that's it. She'd probably eat other dried fruit, probably banana chips, too. But those always seem to have added sugar and I'm not interested in that.

I puree everything else: peas, carrots, berries, bananas, mango, peach, pear, asparagus, broccoli, onion, fennel, cabbage, corn, you name it. Note: Most of these are part of recipes that I cook. I don't just steam plain cabbage and puree it for her. I can usually get away with mashing any type of squash or potato. But, for the most part, Chloe is not in the least interested in eating pieces of fruit or vegetable. As soon as the first piece hits her mouth her tongue sticks out to block further entrance past her lips. I usually give it a shot and then head back to the kitchen to mix it up for her.

Tonight I put a bowl of Arti Sequiera's Aloo Gobi in front of her. This is an Indian version of Cauliflower and Potatoes cooked in a simple wet masala. We love it and I've made it several times. The potatoes and cauliflower are pretty soft after cooking. I expected to mash them with my fork and maybe add some yogurt to make it creamier for her but I usually at least try it whole before mashing/pureeing. (Maybe a mustard bowl wasn't the best choice for a picture.)

I stabbed a little piece of potato for Chloe to try and was just a little bit surprised that she ate it. She does eat sweet potato fries so I wasn't floored. But then I stabbed a little piece of cauliflower for her. She gobbled it up and went in for more! Now that was a surprise. Ok. Maybe she'll eat a couple of bites before she says 'no.' I let her go and she ended up eating the whole plate! I was so excited - doing big eyes at Dave and wiggling around in my seat. It may seem weird but this is SUCH A BIG DEAL! It wasn't the fact that she was eating Indian spices - I make Indian food about once a week. It was the fact that she ate a non-mushed or pureed bite of vegetable! She stabbed it with a fork, put it in her mouth, chewed, and swallowed...repeatedly!

Seemingly little things are big things around here :-)


The Hillbergs said...

Isn't it funny how us parents get so excited over achievements that anyone (who doesn't have children) would yawn over? Chad and I lie in bed sometimes and say things like "can you BELIEVE Jack ate 1 bite of everything on his plate without being asked???" or "can you BELIEVE Kara did not make the gaggy face when she tasted Chicken Pot Pie?!"

Kim said...

Yay Chloe!!! So, it sounds like we both have the same exact reaction when our kids eat something we don't expect them to do! I try to ignore her and look everywhere but at her but I want to jump up and down and cheer. lol

Megan B ♥ said...

THAT. IS. AWESOME! And I have never heard of that vegetable before.... then again, I haven't even tried fresh fennel, so....

A Goldsworthy Note said...

I can picture you with the big eyes of excitement. I know I'm a few months off, but oh well...WAY TO GO, CHLOE!!! Oh, and yes, next time you prepare Chloe's dish please make sure it has better color choices for the picture. I definitely don't approve of the bowl choice. hahaha.