Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Leaves

I took this picture from our bedroom window. Dave is carving our Halloween pumpkins a few days before the 31st. I love the way the leaves make this scene look and the way he's concentrating and Monty is watching him. This picture makes me feel happy.


Holbergs said...

Mia, "Whoooooa! That's awesome! Now THAT would be for my leaf collection!" (I think this picture makes her happy, too!)

carol anne said...

SO awesome! Kelly just asked me today if it was Fall, why are all the trees still green -- Maybe I should send her to you?

A Goldsworthy Note said...

I love those feel good pictures. The leaves are so pretty over there. The two times I had TDYs to Wright Patterson was in the fall and I fell in love with their leaves. I'll definitely need to visit during a fall.