Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bedtime Lovies

When Solana was a toddler she had several comfort items that she insisted on having in order to go to bed:
1. Purple Blankie
2. Tigger (one of those tiny blankies with the doll stuck on the end)
3. Pooh (just like Tigger)
4. Pacifier (until she turned 2)
5. Puppy (a German Shepherd stuffed animal)

She spent the night at my sister, Leticia's, house one night when we went to Mexico and left her in in Texas. Leticia was laughing because every time she got Solana into bed Solana would remember another must-have and send Leticia away for it. She must have spent a good 15 minutes running around the house gathering Solana's lovies one at a time. :-)

Solana still requires "Purple." Her (purple is a 'she') nickname has shortened over the years but her importance has not. The other lovies have fallen by the wayside. Every once in a while she'll choose some random stuffed animal or doll that she absolutely must have in order to go to sleep. Last night it was a little otter. But then Chloe expressed interest in the otter today so Solana gave it to her. Tonight it was only Purple.

Chloe recently chose her lovies. They are:
1. Gumum (glow worm - his face lights up and he plays music when she pushes his belly)
2. Turtle (the shell is covered in star-shaped holes and, when turned on, it shoots star-shaped lights all over her bed and ceiling
3. Pacifier. I'm actually not sure if she needs this. I still give it to her but I kind of suspect I could take it away. She has three. Two are little blue horses and one is a duck. Each with an aqua-colored hospital style pacifier stuck to its mouth.

Every time I lay her down she says, "Gumum?" "Turtle?" I decided to take a picture of her with her lovies tonight. She said, "Teese" when I pulled the camera out.


Grammy said...

She looks super content and ready for sleep---love her!

Megan B ♥ said...

Ah.... the security bed. So cute! I remember needing to sleep with every single stuffed animal I owned for a while. It made sleep itself a little more challenging :) Tanner used to sleep with everything but the kitchen sink. It was strange/hilarious.

Holbergs said...

So...just as I was about to comment on this earlier, I heard Graham yelling in his room. I ran upstairs, ran into his room, and was met with, "Mommy, I need Spotty!" Yep...Spotty's his lovey! What a coincidence!

Reminded me of Solana's visit! :o)

carol anne said...

I have almost bought that turtle so many times!
Paige didn't have anything.
DJ had his Fish Light. (oh, the batteries I went through) And I would line up 4 pacifiers at the edge of the crib, so he could find one if he wanted it.
Kelly had her Yuck. A flannel on one side, satin on the other, tiny blanket with her pacifier attached. Ooops, one day the pacifier broke! Oh no -- and she had just the blanket until last year.
Mikey, nothing.
Oh, wait! Paige had Purple Bear from like age 4 to 9.

okay, Mikey seems weird now.

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Haha, such a cutie.