Thursday, February 23, 2012

Honey Caramel Sticky Nut Buns

After 9 months of Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day I finally made the Whole Wheat Brioche. It's one of their Enriched Breads (uses eggs) and has a fair amount of butter in the recipe. While eating healthy is a priority for our family I definitely love indulgences. The thing I try to do is make our indulgences myself. If I'm willing to make it from scratch I figure at least I know we're not eating a bunch of chemicals, preservatives, and highly processed foods.

But I was afraid that, after trying the Brioche, we'd have a hard time going back to the other breads. Turns out the brioche is, well, AMAZING! I first made a sandwich loaf using the dough and it's soft, light, and fluffy - different from the more firm and dense sandwich loaves I've been making. Drat! We'll have to finish off this loaf and forget we ever had it. That's the ticket! Dave had lunch provided at work twice this week so he hasn't actually had a sandwich with the brioche. I'm considering finishing it off without his every trying it just so he won't ask me to make it regularly.

I decided to use the rest of the dough from that batch to make something sweet. There are a number of pastry recipes toward the back of the book that I haven't yet tried. Honey Caramel Sticky Nut Buns being one of them.

Ummmm. Yum?

I made them the night before and let them rest in the fridge overnight. This is a trick I read about in the book. It's nice for breakfast pastries because preparation and rest time make it impractical for the morning unless I want to be cooking at 6am. I would also be really handy for someone who works all day but wants to have fresh bread with dinner. You pull off a chunk of dough in the morning and form it into a loaf (1 minute process), place it in the fridge and cover loosely with plastic wrap. When you get home take it out, uncover, and let it rest at room temp as the oven pre-heats. Then it's good to go! I was shocked to see how my buns filled out and rose significantly overnight in the fridge.

Coming out of the oven. I used a Pampered Chef stone version of a cake pan. You can barely see the stone under the buns because they rose so much they're practically laying over the edges of the stone!

When you make Sticky Nut Buns you smear some of the creamed butter, brown sugar, spices mixture on the bottom of the pan and place the rolls on top. Here's what it looks like after flipping them out of the pan. Sticky yummy goodness!

Dave was a good sport. He waited for me to take a picture before digging in...barely.

Mmmmm. Honey Caramel Sticky Nut Buns. I need to hurry up and toss the rest in the freezer before I pick on them all day.
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Holbergs said...

Umm... Those look way better than the ones I made with canned biscuits. So jealous!!!

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Yumm!!! Can't wait To cook with you :0)