Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That's What Chloe Said - February

Chloe loves it when she burps. Every time she burps she says, "Q Me, Mommy!" And I have to tell her "You're excused." If I don't respond right away she'll keep repeating herself until I do. And if anyone else is around they also have to excuse her.
"Q me Mommy!"
"You're excused Chloe."
"Q me Daddy!"
"You're excused Chloe."
"Q me aNana!" silence "Q me aNana!" silence "Q me aNana!"
"You're excused Chloe."

After she's properly excused. She chuckles. "Da Bunny!" (That's funny.) And that's repeated until someone agrees with her. It's actually pretty hilarious.


Jodi said...

Aww. . .too cute! What a sweetie!

A Goldsworthy Note said...

I'm sure it is super cute! I can hear her saying it in that precious voice :0)

Grammy said...

That is soo cute, and I Love It!

Emily and Troy Williams said...

We need video!

Anonymous said...

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