Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We were all about hearts for Valentine's Day this year.

The morning started with heart-shaped bacon, heart-shaped eggs, and a great big heart-shaped toast (quinoa bread). I couldn't figure out how to make the grapefruit heart-shaped so it just added pretty color. :-) Dave takes Solana to the Centerville Esther Price every year to pick out chocolates for me (and try samples from the store). He presented each of us special chocolates on Valentine's Day morning. I have a love/hate relationship with my annual Esther Price box of chocolates. I love eating them. I hate the guilt and pimples that inevitably follow.

Solana's hair was heart-shaped, too!
In the afternoon Chloe and I went to Solana's school. I offered to do the game for her Valentine's day party and it went ok. I was running on 4 hours of sleep so I probably wasn't very well prepared for wrangling Chloe while running a game for sugared up first graders. I think they got the best of me. I thought the game was fun but it got mixed reviews from the kids. The ones who would actually listen to me give instructions did really well and enjoyed it.

Cupid's Arrow. This game is super simple and prepared cheaply.
Tools: straws, Q-tips, heart-shaped bowls or tin foil pans.
Object: Load Q-tips into your straw and try to shoot them into your bowl. The team with the most Q-tips in their bowl at the end of a minute (or when their Q-tips run out) wins. Note: The Q-tips tended to get stuck if loaded at the same end from which you blow. Blow from one end and load into the other end. I found this idea on Pinterest.

For dinner we had Swiss Cheese Fondue with veggies and bread. The baguette was made from the Quinoa Bread in my HBI5 book. In addition to a great meal we also had an exciting eating moment when both girls declared they like cheese fondue and then Chloe proceeded to eat several bites of broccoli and cauliflower dipped in the ooey gooey stuff. (We still puree most veggies for her.) I guess we'll just need to have cheese fondue on hand at all times. Yes?
Still going strong with our healthy bread. I've been waiting to do this one for months. It's Red Beet bread that I shaped into a heart. You should have seen me shredding 3 cups of beets at midnight the night before. If Solana had walked in on me she would have been terrified at all the "blood." Beets. What a mess!
For dessert I made yellow cake with strawberry filling and cream cheese icing. Yum! And you can sort of tell that the strawberries on top are cut to look like hearts. :-)
Happy Valentines Day!!!


A Goldsworthy Note said...

Awesome! After talking to you about all of that yesterday I was looking forward to seeing the pictures. I know what you mean about the love/hate with the chocolates. Joe got me an awesome box of chocolates and I was very excited because it even had a key to identify the chocolates with. They're so good, but I feel so guilty later.

Holbergs said...

Love your heart theme! Mia wore her black skirt and striped socks for Valentine's day, too! I made heart shaped meatballs. I must admit it was kind of creepy, though, covered in red sauce. Oh well...Nobody else seemed to mind! :o)

I love the way you did Solana's hair, by the way. So creative!