Monday, May 21, 2012

Locks of Love

Solana and I had our hair whacked off yesterday and will be donating it to Locks of Love.  It's easy for someone like me to donate hair. I hate getting my hair cut. Well, ok. Fine. I hate paying to get my hair cut. So every couple of years I chop it off to donate and start over with a short new 'do. Then I neglect it for a really really long time until it's so long that my only option is to wear it in a pony tail. Solana's hair is so thick that it's a couple hours long event to wash, comb, and braid it. She was seriously over her hair and ready to donate. This is her second time and my third.

We actually had a pretty busy day prior to the pictures. Dave played golf in the morning and then we all went to the park for lunch. Solana and I walked over to a "Garden Party" at Bill Yeck park while Dave took Chloe home for her lunch (since she refused to eat at the park). The event was hosted by our Parks District - which we LOVE. It was pretty neat. Solana ate cookies, drank lemonade, made a hummingbird feeder, a paper caterpillar, and had her face painted twice. Definitely worth the hike through the trees. Then we came home, put Chloe down for a nap and took off for Great Clips. (P.S. That entire paragraph was meant to be explanation for why I'm not wearing makeup in this picture. :-)


Solana's hair actually ended up being much shorter than I'd anticipated. When they measured and put in the pigtails for cutting I hesitated. "Solana, that's going to be really short. Do you want to just get a trim today and donate later?" She insisted. The lady about to cut her hair kept asking, "Are you sure?" She really didn't want Solana to cut her hair. Finally, Solana said, "I'm sure. You can stop asking me if I'm sure now." Then the lady cut off the pigtails nearly developing carpal tunnel and having a heart attack in the process. Solana watched her hair come off and spun to look at me with the biggest smile and eyes I've ever seen. She was soooo excited! Then she turned back to the mirror, "Umm, I think my hair's not even." LOLOL! I think I was 25 before I had the nerve to ask a stylist to fix my hair. I love this kid. She's a hoot! After she was done Solana flitted around the place showing everyone her new haircut and basking in compliments.

This little girl has the thickest hair! One of her pigtails was thicker than my ponytail!

First day of school in her new haircut. We were running late. You can see the bus on its way to our house. If we'd had more time I would have chosen a backdrop other than our neighbor's weeds and gotten a smile. She still looks like a little doll, though...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE both your cuts. Solana looks adorable. My hair is thick like hers... Neither of my girls got the thick hair gene. I do the same thing, grow my hair super long, then cut it short, repeat, repeat. Except now I get it highlighted to hide the gray, so I can't donate. I'm in a growth period right now, and the length really gets on my nerves.

Holbergs said...

So awesome! Solana's hair looks adorable in the school pic. I like the way you fixed it!
And..You're such a brat! I guess you weren't going to TELL me you cut your hair, too. I had to read the blog to find out!
I love your no-makeup explanation. You're hilarious, but I would have felt compelled to do the same! Love you!!!

Holbergs said...

BTW- I just showed Mia the pics and she said, "Hey- she looks like me, kinda."

Grammy said...

I love your haircuts, and of course Solana looks like a little doll! You look so cute,Solana!