Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer 2012 was a good soccer season for Solana. And I think it had a lot to do with the fact that Dave coached. We really saw a lot of improvement. And by improvement, I mean that she actually tried, got in there, kicked the ball, and paid attention. I think Dave really enjoyed coaching the girls, too. He was really excited when he saw them improving and I think he enjoyed helping them.

Since it was Spring soccer our first few games were freezing cold and rainy. It was slightly miserable for the girls but they never complained about the weather. The parents on the other hand...

Dave's giving the girls some pointers between quarters.
 These pictures were taken a little later in the season and before one of the warmer games. Dave and his Asst. Coach, Rob are getting the girls warmed up. They really had a great group of girls. I think they had lots of fun. Even though they don't keep score we noted that they only lost one game all season :)
 Chloe LOVES soccer. She can't WAIT to get out there and play. I just hope she can handle it visually when the time comes. She pretty much looks down at the ground to run and not far ahead. We'll see... It was chillier than we realized during one of the games so I snagged an extra jersey from the coach's bag to help keep her warm.
 So much fun!
 Solana loves it when Chloe's doing something cute. She wants to get in there and show off her sister.
 Last game of the season. We made it! Whew!
 Coach Dave and Solana.

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