Thursday, September 27, 2012

Funny Lost Contact Story

Background. We were just at the hospital on Tuesday picking up Chloe's new contacts (new RX). Today was her second day in her her new lenses.

I just happened to be at the school for a Homeroom Parent meeting today when I got a voicemail from the school nurse. "Hi Mrs. Hendrickson. I just wanted to let you know that, when we were giving Chloe her daily eye drops, we noticed Chloe's right contact was missing." I keep Chloe's glasses, contact case, and plunger in her backpack every day just in case this happens so they took out the left lens and put her glasses on.

Normally I would just say "darn" and pull out a new lens but since I happened to be at the school I headed down to the class and proceeded to crawl all over the floor. What else was I going to do for 10 minutes while I waited for school to get out? The class just happened to be at music so I had the room all to myself. The classroom aide helped but we didn't find it. Then she suggested that maybe Chloe lost her contact at the gym. I still had a few minutes and thought, "what the heck." The gym teacher volunteered to sweep the entire gym looking for it! I felt so bad but he didn't seem to mind. When he finished we picked through the dust of his big custodian-style broom. Hair clip, stickers, chunks of mud. Lots of dust but no contact. Oh well. It was worth a shot.

As we were driving home I got an excited call from Chloe's teacher, "We found it!" "NO WAY!" I immediately flipped a U and headed back. Chloe and I raced to the classroom and, sure enough, there it was. "Hooray!!!"

It was obviously stepped on. Cracked.


The Hillbergs said...

Well, it certainly looks like your sense of humor is evolving! I mean, 2 years ago - would this have been a funny story? hahahaha -- that is a compliment showing that you have the right view on life -- if you can't laugh, then you'll be pissed off! hehehe. but seriously, what company makes those contacts? I'm going to buy stock...

A Goldsworthy Note said...

Oh, man! Still cool they looked for it after you left.